This girl is named Audrey Grills. DO NOT TALK TO HER. She is ***INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS*** i’m not one to be mean, and i’m not one to start shit about people. I have given this girl many chances. She is a liar, she is incredibly immature, she is very triggering and does not respect people’s triggers, she is VERY sexual, she has -literally ruined a cosplayer’s life by pressing charges against her- for a picture that AUDREY HERSELF asked for, and said cosplayer is now facing 7 possible years in jail. When i have tried to confront her about how disrespectful and rude she is, she has blocked me on facebook and threatened to call the cops on me. Literally all i said was “you need to stop. You really need to stop.”

Audrey is not to be trusted. Now, i do have a bit of a presence in the cosplay community in this area, so i am asking everyone to ***please be very careful***. She is emotionally manipulative, she talks about (rape, cutting, and suicide) almost nonstop, she starts drama over very small things that can have VERY severe consequences, not just a few hurt feelings. This is not a “i don’t get along with this cosplayer so i’m going to complain about them” post, because i have given this girl way more chances than she deserved. And, she is dangerous. Again, please, dear lord, DO NOT TALK TO HER, AND DO NOT HANG OUT WITH AUDREY GRILLS AT CONVENTIONS.

Thank you for your time, and be safe.

Signal boost this guys, shes actually really crazy. Ive had my fair share of issues with this kid.

Wait, which Rochester area?! 

Rochester, New York

This is serious, this girl has hurt one of my closest friends and she is a fucking bitch.

guys take note, this is like an hour from me and I have friends in the area.

I have had personal experiences with Audrey as well.  She does not respect age gaps at all nor personal space.  She is 14 and does not understand that people above 18 can get in trouble with the way she conducts herself and does not seem to care.  She will stalk you, make you uncomfortable with the things she says and how close she can get to you, ect.  She is an attention seeker and drama creator and she will drag you down as far as she can in order to make herself look better.  I literally avoid this girl like the PLAGUE at events if at all possible but I’m not one to leave others alone in her presence either so sometimes I bare with and stick around to at least attempt to protect those unknowing of her nature from her if there is no other way, such as at Anibash where the event was small.  This girl is such bad news I have been having second thoughts about even going to Roc-Con because I just cannot handle her and I am terrified of getting in trouble or landing myself in jail because of what she chooses to do.  I am rambling now but I am just trying to reiterate


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in response to this post lol

dumb things I make can never stay dead can they?

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Started styling my Claude wig and then I burnt myself so I am giving it a break. Using a big huge curling iron for the little side whispies might not have been the smartest idea. I will have to invest in some smaller ones. But yeah just wanted to share progress.

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I liked this picture so much I decided to edit it

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Anonymous said:
kill yourself, you're fucking trash

Ah well I am supposed to be on hiatus but I did notice this nice little message after posting my Gamzee cosplay.  Good thing I already know I am trash and call myself that on a daily basis.  How about you tell me something I don’t know, mm?

Next anon hate could use a little more imagination please?  At least make my looking in my inbox worth my while.

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Briefly coming out of hiatus again to show off more Gamzee pictures as promised.  These are all from Ani-bash.  Had a great time with everyone.  I can’t say I have had more fun at an event or convention really.

click on the pictures for captions

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Just coming out of hiatus for a moment to share my Gamzee cosplay with everyone.  I was at Ani-bash today as him and will be returning tomorrow, hopefully with better pictures.  Hope to see lots of people tomorrow~!

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Indefinite Hiatus

Sorry to all those who seem to have become my fans but I am taking a break from Tumblr as a whole for a while.  If you wish to follow my activities still, I have my cosplay page here and my deviantart here.  I am not sure when I will be back but I will see you all when I do return.

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Walking into McDonalds with more than $5



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I hate being in a fandom when new things are coming out, not because I will get spoilers but because the entire fandom will rip apart the bad sections or the parts they don’t like to the point that you can’t even enjoy the original content anymore.  This has happened to me in the past when Skyward Sword came out and I completely blocked out the internet until I finished the game but that is a little more difficult to do when TV shows are currently airing.  I have a feeling I will be ignoring the DMMD, Free! and Kuroshitsuji worlds for a while and go back and concentrate on other things that I need to finish or catch up on until those shows have finished airing so I can sit down and enjoy them all at once without everyone ripping each episode apart when I honestly enjoy them.  I just want to like things and not feel guilty for enjoying them as they are or how they come.  I am glad for what is being given to me because no one had to make any of these things.  And that is the end of my rant.  

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